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Talk to stranger

       Today,I get in a website:talk to stranger.It is funny.And I am chinese.I have to use my poor English to talk with another.Always I found some french and other language.I feel so interesting.After you speak hi,the next question always would be "asl".I found this question is so dull.The most important thing is m-f.
       I meet some people.Now I write some thing about them.One is saki.Another is Crystal Night.OK!They are good students.The talk with them is so happy and comfortable.And I know some about Taiwan's study and life.Also,alaska is a nice place which has a big gambling house.
       I am bored with this game.Because the probability of meeting a friendly person is very little.And many dull questions have to be asked again.More seriously,some people are m-f-ism.It makes me so unhappy.I only want to know the life in foreign country and also be a friend:my xxx friend.
       Don't waste time to meet many friends.Friends' mucn more important property is that he or she can help you and talk with you warmly.
       But I must thank to this website.It makes countrise more nearly.
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